Sunday, 9 June 2013

'The Perfect System'

The Arch Gallery, Bethnal Green, London. 4th-8th June 2013.
This was the end of year show with my year group at Uni. The private view was so busy, it was a First Thursday with Vyner Street around the corner.. We even ran out of beer

Statement in catalogue...
Equally repulsed and fascinated by the image based, ephemeral world that surrounds her, Anna Garrett questions the ‘reality’ of an image. Through the metaphor of paint and portraiture, she appropriates the fabricated personas from adverts and other media imagery, raising their status by intimate subjection through the solidarity of paint: the disconnection and change of context breaking the original meaning.
For this exhibition, Garrett presents a portrait of famous art collector Charles Saatchi. It may appear to be an art student’s tribute to an Art World favourite, but she paints with an ironic twist. Reflecting on the idea of the ‘perfect’ system, the oligopoly of the art market, her work queries the power hierarchy itself and the idolisation of his persona. This links to her previous work: the reveling in the idea of portrayal, how ‘reality’ can be twisted to spectators: displayed by image and media output.