Monday, 15 June 2015

Recent Artist Statement

‘The attraction of ephemeral beauty is worn away, revealing the essential structure, whether an object or idea, and leaving it as ruin […] as a means of laying bare a truth buried beneath layers of false romantic aesthetics. It provides the basis for further examination of the interrelations between aesthetics and politics, allegory and symbol, monument and ruin, criticism and myth.’

Naomi Stead, The Value of Ruins: Allegories of Destruction in Benjamin and Speer, 2003

Contemplating the ruin as more than a Romantic symbol, Stead alludes to the ruin as an allegory of 'truth', embodying the idea of the fragility and transience of human existence. The idea of how ruin, garbage and the over-looked could reveal the reality or 'truth' within contemporary consumer culture. This in turn mirrors the core notion explored in my practice: reality vs. fa├žade, exposing falsities and the hollowness of the image through the medium of painting and collage.

New work: 'Strawberry Fields'

Strawberry Fields, acrylic and collage on mdf, 2015, nine panels 15x15cm

My work Ruin Lust being shown with Lubomirov-Easton, at Art Athina in Athens last week.
(Right hand side of photo)