Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Residency Snaps

Collaborative work at Watts Gallery with Charlie Betts.
Read more about our residency on the Watts Gallery website
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Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Watts Gallery Residency - works in progress

Charlie Betts and I will be working in the Artist in Residence studio, Watts Gallery from 13-22 November, and 28 November - 2nd December

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Painting with Urgency

Painting with urgency, watercolour on paper, 30ccm x 40cm, 2017

Chaos of vision

Lucy Turner & Matthew Pang
Co-curated by Anna Garrett and Catinca Malaimare
Black Box, UCA Farnham, and Riverside Cafe Gallery, Farnham Maltings
07 Nov - 01 Dec 2017

‘Vision gives back more to reality than it is given.’
Brian Massumi, 'Parables for the Virtual', 2002

The experience brought forward to the public does not intimidate, nor provoke desire but encourages a sense of play to come to terms with the language of your surroundings.
Both works generously address the dual space of one's own and one of shared communication, where observers are inclined to engage intimately with the work, interaction encouraged and worlds fragmented, hackneyed processes and subject matter reinvigorated.

Woman in a bath, reflections at night. An enduring image, a slap in the face.

Drawing in Hannah Peschar Collection

My work will be on permanent display in the Gallery Reception, Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden.

Gunnera by the pond, oil pastel and pen on paper, 30cm x 40cm, 2017