Saturday, 20 October 2018

Evolving the Forest - proposal

Situated in a imagined reality where hybridisation and cross-fertilisation is on hyper-speed; speculative ecological fiction borders a futuristic encounter with a post-wilderness - whilst grounded in the present condition of the human and non-human ontologies. The post-enlightenment hierarchical and mechanistic divisions of nature and culture are flattened in the eco-feminist position - a potential re-engagement with the alterity of the non-human while encapsulating notions of ever evolving ecological subjectivity.

- What are painting's limits in regards to being a site of resistance or activism? Can nature be represented without "mastery" (considering notions of feminist new materialism.)
- When thinking about the supposed "Death of Nature" in the "Anthropocene" - can the non-human hold an agency even with human intervention (regarding rewilding and the artificial/captive natures - and preformative natures.)
- Does the notion of 'post-human' suggest a romanticsed account of the pre-human condition, ultimately suggesting a romanticising of notions of past wilderness?
- Does the entanglement of the forest network combined with the ideas of cybernetic networks in relation to the vegetal world suggest a vision of a multi-dimensional hybridisation of technologies and the organic?
- How does the fungi and symbiogenic evolution play a part in re-imagining the forest?