Saturday, 5 December 2020

Creature Conserve - Axolotls in Mexico City

I made this sketch as a present for Bertie in 2018, a portrait of his pet axolotl Ash. Have you heard of an axolotl? I hadn’t. They are a type of Mexican salamander only found living in two lakes in Mexico City (and one of these lakes has now dried up). I have exciting news about a project developing in 2021 engaging more with these small unique creatures, a collaboration with Creature Conserve. More details to come soon.

New Studio - Mexico City


Art Class with Anna

 I have been giving art classes in English in person and online for children aged 3 - 11, based in Mexico City. Building language skills, fine motor skills and creativity through play (as well as observation drawing for older students).

Assisting Murals

 Painting as assistant to Mexican artist Maria Antonia Canfield, for a private commission in Polanco, CDMX

Assisting Murals

Painting as assistant for Mexican artist Maria Antonia Canfield's commission for Breast Cancer Awareness and Time Out Mexico, in Juarez, CDMX

Thursday, 24 September 2020

New website!

Smile Inside Exhibition, IID, Woking


So happy to be invited to make a commission as a response to a personal story shared by an older person in isolation, a story that makes them smile inside in this difficult time. Patrick's memory was a road trip from Texas to Acapulco through Mexico in 1972, and it was such a joy to make this painting collage inspired by his words. The work was selected to be developed into a larger more narrative piece for the group exhibition, which opens tomorrow in Woking.

Mural at The Running Stream, Farnham


Tuesday, 4 August 2020

Remembrance Day for Lost Species - Xerces Blue

Xerces Blue Butterflies public intervention in Coyoacan, Mexico City, neighbourhood of Frida Khalo.