Saturday, 24 April 2021

Lungs of the City - Drawing in Nature

Today in Chapultepec Park, CDMX, was the first session of the four Drawing in Nature classes!
We focussed on breathing, grounding, stretching and being present, before beginning our tree sketches. We didn't spend too much time on techniques but spoke briefly about the hand-eye-mind loop of observation drawing, texture and mark-making, shading and making things look 3D.
2 hours passed by super fast and the group were happy with our 4 warm up drawings, and one extended sketch. We ended with an 'embodied breath drawing', inspired by artist Luisa McCormack. 
I loved the session and I hope the group got something out of the experience of being in nature!
We tuned our senses otherwise, and by this process the aim was to connect to the more-than-human through an extended time frame...